Joni Marsch | Owner of Bottle and Bottega Portland

Joni Marsch

My husband has to get most of the credit here—he was the one who first introduced me to Bottle & Bottega! He arranged a surprise date for us on a weeknight and asked me to drive from the suburbs into the city. I was skeptical as to what he had up his sleeve, but when we walked into the Bottle & Bottega studio, I was blown away. I couldn’t believe that my Accounting/Finance- minded husband (with no artistic or creative bone in his body) had found such a unique and creative date night for us. We both had an outstanding time painting, drinking our favorite wine, enjoying great music and meeting new people!

After years in a corporate setting, I decided that opening a Bottle & Bottega studio was my opportunity to fulfill my dream of owning my own business. To me, Bottle & Bottega offers a unique, creative and social outlet for people to reconnect in a busy and ever-focused world. It is the union between this and the grassroots community focus that makes me so excited to share the concept with the Portland area!

Whether it’s date night, getting together with friends, a bachelorette party, a corporate team-building event, or any other special occasion, I’m excited to share the joy and fun! Come join us and uncork your inner artist!

One part artistic adventure and one part cocktail party, Bottle & Bottega is great for get-togethers with friends, creative corporate retreats or any special events! Our fun, eclectic look, upscale approach, and emphasis on real art, has helped create lasting memories for thousands of Bottle & Bottega guests.  Our mission for our guests……

It’s Not An Art Class, It’s a Wine Art Party!

Scratch the structure.  Lose the lecture. The only lesson to be learned here is that you do have an inner artist, just waiting to be realized! Bottle & Bottega is all about friends, a canvas and a bottle of wine.  Bottle & Bottega parties are FUN and a chance to try something new in a relaxed and encouraging environment. The Bottle & Bottega experience truly is yours to design!

“I have never been artistic but since coming to Bottle & Bottega, I love to paint. This was my 3rd event with B&B. And I’ve already signed up for another one. With the instructors, anyone can do it!”

— Lucy S.

Celebrate your Inner Artist!

Anyone can do this…really! It’s like magic.  Even when our “Botteganistas” think that they don’t have creative chops – after a couple of hours (and glasses of wine), they emerge with an impressive work of art and an unexpected sense of pride in their accomplishment.

Art for Everyone

Wine and Art Entertainment Studio | Bottle and Bottega Portland

It’s an art party!

No pretensions.  Bottle & Bottega presents art, in many different formats, in a way that everyone can engage with and find enjoyment in.  It’s not about what’s “good,” it’s about what’s “fun.”  Because fun is what’s good.