VIP Loyalty Program

Create. Drink. Earn.

Earn Free Wine and Painting Classes with VIP Loyalty Program at Bottle & Bottega Evanston

Earn Free Classes!

We’ve ditched the old paper punch cards for an electronic LOYALTY PROGRAM! What are you waiting for? Uncork the fun! Put your creativity to work! Click Here to create or login to your B&B VIP account now!

What’s in it for YOU?

  • Get points for every dollar you spend! Turn points into FREE classes!
  • Get VIP access to special events, preferential seating and sneak peeks at new programs
  • Potential for bonus points
  • Manage your purchases
  • Sign up for any party, anytime!
    • Cancel your class if something comes up
    • Keep track of your points and rewards

BOTTEGA BONANZA: Get a FREE Gift Certificate with every 1500 points!

How do VIP points work?

Join VIP Loyalty Program at Bottle & Bottega Evanston | Call 847-905-9177

Join today!

  • 10 points will be awarded for every dollar spent at a B&B location or event (retail items included)
  • Membership and points are specific to a B&B location
  • VIP Loyalty Points will appear in your account immediately after your selected event has taken place
  • Your reward Gift Certificate will be automatically generated in your account. If misplaced, you can easily reprint or download Gift Certificates from your VIP account
  • Should you wish to cancel your class, you can manage your refund (if you cancel outside of 48 hours) or credit (if you cancel within 48 hours of an event).


What if I lose my password? +Expand

You can login with your email address and request a password reset.

Can I change my personal information?+Expand

Yes, just login and change account information.

Can I give the Gift Certificate to someone else?+Expand

Yes, Gift Certificates are generated without a specific name. You may give your free class to anyone you choose.

How many points do I need to get a free class?+Expand

Once you earn 1500 points, a Gift Certificate for a free class will be automatically generated and added to your account. Just login to your VIP account and print your free Gift Certificate.

I have a paper card – do I lose all of my loyalty points I have earned?+Expand

Absolutely not! We will convert your paper loyalty card over to the new online system. Bring your card into our studio and we will give you 350 points per punch.

Can I give my points to someone else?+Expand

Points are accrued in your private account only. They cannot be transferred to another member.

What else do I get as a VIP?+Expand

Bottle & Bottega locations will offer their VIP members special incentives, events and perks. This may include preferential seating at certain events or discounts and private invitations. All rewards and incentives will be at the discretion of each franchisee and location.

How can I find out about special VIP events?+Expand

Special VIP e-blasts will be sent to you throughout the year.

Do my points work at all Bottle & Bottega locations?+Expand

No. Points are accrued with the studio location where you sign up to be a VIP and cannot be transferred.