Wine and Painting pARTies in Evanston!

paint and sip night out bottle and bottega

Date night, any night!

Don’t just Paint and Sip…
…get an inspirational buzz with us!

There’s nothing to fear (HELLO? There’s WINE.) It’s truly as simple as paint and sip.

More importantly, it’s a BLAST. And we do it every single day. Need an excuse to join us?


Let’s review (mentally check all that apply):

  • It’s been AGES since you escaped this techno-crazy world and got a buzz from something other than your cell phone
  • You are NO Martha Stewart, but you’ve always wanted to be!
  • Your “date nights” lately consist of binge watching and takeout.
  • You’re looking for any excuse to avoid another bar.
  • You miss Kindergarten

So, what’s next? Follow these steps:

art instruction paint and sip bottle & bottega

Real art, real artists

  1. Decide whether you want to sign up solo or with some pals.
  2. Click the Public Events button to view the Events Calendar Events Calendar
  3. Find a date and time that work for you (the image featured is the one we’re teaching*).
  4. Read the event details for alcohol inclusions, then register online.
  5. Show up.
  6. Party ART-y while you uncork your creativity!

*We pride ourselves on teaching real art by real artists. The image featured on our calendar is the painting we’ll be teaching, but it is subject to change based on enrollment. But this is YOUR canvas, so you can create anything you like. We have other images to choose from or you can make it up as you go (don’t worry, we’ll be there to help!)

See our Public Parties in Action!

So, get your paint on!

outdoor pop up parties

We pop up anywhere!

Focus on the fun and uncork your inner artist at Bottle & Bottega Evanston.

We’re excited to paint and party with you!

BTW: Do you know what Bottega means? It’s Italian for “a studio where a master artist teaches others how to create art” …brilliant!

So go ahead, “bottega” with us!

Prefer a private party?

Want to host your own private wine and painting party or corporate wine & painting event? Just fill out the Evanston Party Request Form and we’ll get the party started!