Nikki Kuehl | Owner of Bottle and Bottega Evanston

Nikki Kuehl

When you’re young, people always ask, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Rarely will children respond with “A commercial real estate professional!” Yet, that is what I’ve done for the last 15 years of my adult life. During those years, I worked hard and honed my business skills. It paid the bills and allowed me to have a comfortable personal life, but it never defined me.

After a period of soul-searching, which I believe one must do regularly to seek and maintain true happiness, I asked myself, “Why can’t my career be part of my definition?” It was then that I realized not only was it time to make a change, but also that with the skills I’ve gained during my real estate tenure, it was a real possibility.

Being a Bottle & Bottega franchisee opens up a whole new world I never realized existed. From a business perspective, the franchise offers fantastic support allowing me to be confident with my experience and lean on their expertise in the areas where I am still learning. From a life perspective, I get to work with artists and fun-loving customers every day. I get to be part of people discovering their creative and artistic side, and this truly makes me happy.

So the lesson here is: Never stop asking yourself what you want to be when you grow up. You could surprise yourself with the answer.

Let us help you set up a private event that is sure to be memorable and fun! Or simply sign up and show up at a public event with your choice of beverage in hand, check your inhibitions at the door and uncork your creativity!

One part artistic adventure and one part cocktail party, Bottle & Bottega is great for get-togethers with friends, creative corporate retreats or any special events! Our fun, eclectic look, upscale approach, and emphasis on real art, has helped create lasting memories for thousands of Bottle & Bottega guests.  Our mission for our guests……

It’s Not An Art Class, It’s an Art Party!

Scratch the structure.  Lose the lecture. The only lesson to be learned here is that you do have an inner artist, just waiting to be realized! Bottle & Bottega is all about friends, a canvas and a bottle of wine.  Bottle & Bottega parties are FUN and a chance to try something new in a relaxed and encouraging environment. The Bottle & Bottega experience truly is yours to design!

“I have never been artistic but since coming to Bottle & Bottega, I love to paint. This was my 3rd event with B&B. And I’ve already signed up for another one. With the instructors, anyone can do it!”

— Lucy S.

Celebrate your Inner Artist!

Anyone can do this…really! It’s like magic.  Even when our “Botteganistas” think that they don’t have creative chops – after a couple of hours (and glasses of wine), they emerge with an impressive work of art and an unexpected sense of pride in their accomplishment.

Art for Everyone

Wine and Art Entertainment Studio | Bottle and Bottega Evanston

It’s an art party!

No pretensions.  Bottle & Bottega presents art, in many different formats, in a way that everyone can engage with and find enjoyment in.  It’s not about what’s “good,” it’s about what’s “fun.”  Because fun is what’s good.