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Ladies Night Out

04.26.16 | Art | Ladies Night | Wine |


It’s been AGES since you and the girls got together and you need a little bestie bonding. You can take from Cosmo’s list of 15 Things to Do on Ladies Night — there’s nothing wrong with another Ryan Gosling movie marathon over cocktails — or try one of the ideas from Red Book Magazine’s How We Spend Our Girls Nights, or you can venture out to stare down the real thing — a live male model — at a Bottle & Bottega Ladies Night Out.

Ladies Night Out Nude Male Model Sketch Paint and Sip Classes

Ladies Night Out

This isn’t your mother’s formal art class. This is figure drawing at its finest: with WINE (and it helps that the model pretty easy on the eyes, too.) And let’s face it, taking in a little eye candy for two hours while learning to paint makes it art, not ogling, so it’s completely legit. You’ve got a real instructor showing you how to sketch then paint the sinewy shape and contours of some well-defined figure. Sure, there’s a bottle of wine handy, but that’s just because a girl gets thirsty when she’s trying to get her art on.

Bottom line: it’s a good laugh. For those who want to learn the foundations of figure drawing, we teach techniques for bringing the human form to life on canvas: breaking things down into simple steps to map out structure and form, understanding the common “landmarks” of the body, drawing proportionally, and adding volume with shapes and shadows. For the others who’d rather focus on the fun, we encourage creativity, even if that means deviating from the model and drawing a goldfish.

Paint the human form

Paint the human form

If you’re still a little skeptical, don’t just take our word for it. Bottle & Bottega Ladies Night guest Helena Oroz in a 2016 article in The Real Chicago said, “Ever the child of stick men and lollipop flowers and ‘happy little trees,’ I actually stared down a real, blank canvas and drew the naked male form… and then painted him waist-deep in the island waters of my mind, all the while sharing a glass of red (followed by more glasses of red) and a lot of laughs with my dear friends…..It’s like I told my friends during my second glass while erasing my guy’s lopsided head for the fourth time: ‘My creativity comes out with every bottle.’”

Another plus: Any mess you make while slopping paint and wine for two hours is someone else’s problem. As one guest put it, “I really enjoyed the atmosphere, and the convenience of having empty wine glasses in the back with various wine openers and chill buckets. The blank canvas, paint already situated on plates for us and smocks hanging by the door, made me realize I could focus on pouring my glass of wine and socializing because everything was already taken care of.”

So get the evites ready for your next night out at Bottle & Bottega! We’ll see you soon…!